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As avid learners and keen observers of behavior as indicators of culture & leadership, we have been able to successfully identify and chronicle the patterns in behavior that are proxy markers of success in organizations and groups that have an articulated vision and definition of success.​

From the remote village communities in rural eastern and western Africa to c-suite board meetings in NY & LA; the proxy markers in behavior patterns are identical though presented differently. Once identified, they are best honed and trained across individuals, their groups and  the organization to ensure a timely arrival at that defined success goal. 


​​Culture & Leadership is individualistic before it is corporate; envisioning a shift in organizational culture & leadership within an established organization must have at its core the assessment of the individual within the organization and attempt to arrive at the 'culture & leadership sweet spot' where the individual meets the corporate. Even with new and smaller organizations, identifying this "spot" requires some real sustained work with individuals and groups through our conversational culture & leadership sessions which are seven one-hour sessions (for individuals & teams) in addition to bespoke conference/larger team meetings.


Culture & Leadership curating is what we do.



In our trademark leadership sessions, every aspiring leader is equipped with seven transformational leadership ideas which are bespoke to them and workshopped in our cultural & leadership conversational session



In our trademark culture sessions, every aspiring leader/team is equipped with seven transformational culture-curating ideas which are bespoke to them and workshopped in our cultural & leadership conversational session



Pivoting from operations into strategic thinking & strategic execution requires sufficient mind tooling to minimize clogs in the cogs of the team and organization. Refining the 'Whys' for the 'Hows' is a theme in this cultural & leadership conversational session

The Bigger Circle

There are pivotal mindsets that teams must have to overcome the barriers of high performance. Recognizing differences as 'building block' strengths and opportunities for exponential leverage within teams is a central theme for this cultural & leadership conversational session

Building Blocks

Conflict resolution is first the ability to identify the presence of conflict  with the intent to mitigate the detrimental potentials in the conflict. Recognizing that not all conflicts are negative is key.  The operative core of this discipline is workshopped within our culture & leadership conversational sessions


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