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Who Are We


As avid learners and keen observers of behavior as indicators of culture, we have been able to successfully identify and chronicle the patterns in behavior that are proxy markers of success in organisations and groups that have an articulated vision and definition of success.

From the remote village communities in rural eastern and western Africa to c-suite board meetings in NY & LA; the proxy markers in behavior patterns are identical though presented differently. Once identified, they are best honed and trained across the group and organisation to ensure a timely arrival at that defined success goal. 

As a team of experienced senior executives across various industries, we have amassed an extensive amount of experiential knowledge on the impact of culture in the execution of all tasks at all representative corporate levels.

Culture is individualistic before it is corporate; envisioning a shift in organisational culture within an established organisation must have at its core the assessment of the individual cultures in the organisation and attempt to arrive at the 'sweet culture spot' where the individual meets the corporate. Even with new and smaller organisations, identifying this "spot" requires some real sustained work with individuals (by coaching) and groups (by training sessions & seminars).

As a culture consultancy, fivebrookstones utilizes real-world relevant examples and case studies of culture shaping processes to run seminars, training and coaching sessions with individuals and groups at all corporate levels across industries. We believe that culture should not be a gimmick statement but a way of life; it has to be sustainable and measurable because your organisation will grow in the direction of it's culture.

Culture shaping is what we do.

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