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The Language of God is never suggestive but ever compelling. We have never seen anywhere where God pleaded with people to execute His counsel. God is not beggarly in conduct nor in language; His lifestyle exudes an irrefutable authority that His language confirms. The scripture refers to Him as the lion that turns away from no-one: God shys away from no-one in His choice of words. The scripture says where His word is, there is power and no-one questions what He does because His speakings are His doings. Men talk and hope something happens but things happen because God has spoken!

Now, if we are sons of God and everything produces after its kind, we are programmed therefore to be compelling in our language. We are to walk through the world like a lion walks through the jungle; with unshakeable confidence that what he roars is never deemed an opinion but a law to be obeyed. We are not permitted to negotiate with the devil on any grounds; we compel him out of our territory.

Every child of God at birth acquires a new tongue/language because being born-again translates you from powerless to powerful and the latter is demonstrated by a changed tone and order of words - a new language. Have you not read that the steps of the righteous are “orders” of God? We are not pussy-footing on any ground.

We are commanders - in charge of our domains and our language must show that. No lion meows and expects respect from wild beasts; it is a mockery of its nature! Rise up & speak as you ought to!

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