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Time Management

The only reason we ask people for ‘the time’ is only because we have somewhere to go, a schedule to keep, an objective to meet. No man asks for time that has nothing to do. This is true of every circle of life; the purpose of time is the fulfillment of a plan/objective. It is therefore wise to observe those that have no respect for time because it is likely that they have no respect for their lives and its various schedules. Avoid them!

King Solomon taught that everything has a season or window to blossom and every thing purposed has a time for which it is to happen. The greatest resource to manage in life is time; the more effective we are with our time, the more effective we are with our life and its purposes. We must therefore manage time more effectively because a waste of time is a waste of life. It might be irresponsible & wasteful to require more time to achieve a goal that could be achieved in less time because for every time, there is a purpose.

One of the interesting things about God is that He places eternity (everything but without schedule) in our hearts and then challenges us with eighty years to achieve certain things - purpose. This is very instructive because we can deduce that man (his existence) on earth involves an exercise of time management & planning. We might be visionaries but until we have the disciple of planning & time management, we might have failed life’s exercise. Jesus’ life was all about planning & timing - he understood it. We can too!


Texts: Ecclessiastes 3:1, 11; Psalms 90:10, John 7:6

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