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Ignorance is not bliss; it is what you do not know that kills you. Many hide away from facts because of the lack of courage to deal with the inadequacies that the facts reveal. Enrolling in a class (formal or informal) to learn about a certain area requires a humility that accepts some ignorance. Learning can never be effective until we accept some ignorance and move further into pursuing knowledge in that particular area. Closing your eyes/ears to the things happening around you will not change them; digging your head in the sand will not remove the obstacle.

The most interesting thing about truth is that it is always confrontational; it confronts you with the facts about yourself. Humility accepts it and wisdom pursues knowledge to make up for the gaps. The difference between levels of achievements in people is the degree of ignorance that each has. The only mountain to be moved in any life is the mountain of ignorance and these mountains do not move by prayers; they move by insight - knowledge. Prayers enable you to identify your ignorance and further locate knowledge but does not replace the need to search, locate, study and imbibe the knowledge you find.

God laments because His people have wrongly assumed that salvation brings knowledge; no, it provides you with the tools to locate and assimilate it. There are many charismatic and passionate ignorants in the world today. We find that the devil rules in the area of our darkness (ignorance); the more light we have the less stumbling we make. Discover/observe your ignorance, embrace it sufficiently enough to pursue knowledge/insight for freedom.

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