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Pursue with Persistence

An interesting observation about God's creative work is that He challenged His creation to work! None of us will disagree with the fact that God never does a haphazard job; whatever He does is permanent and complete yet, He commanded His creation to work and therein lies one of the most instructive insights from scripture - God created everything in, we must work everything out! Muscles are not added but increased - there is a difference; the latter connotes that they have always been there but need to be worked out!

God created potential, we work it out. It is never sufficient to state that we can; it is more beneficial to say that we do. It is in the doing (working) that we realise all that we really have. I suspect that the greatest sorrow God will have is watching us live life asking for what is already built into us. Make a commitment to work it out; it is already in you! Can you imagine how many animals would be walking around nameless today if Adam chose not to work it out? There are many nameless people today just because someone in their past failed to name them; likewise there are many people and communities that will remain nameless until you work out what God has put in you.

Potential must be exercised through work to be released and realised. God has built potentials into you. Stop asking for it, and start working it out. It is time to place demand on what is within you; stop placing demands on the system and the government and start placing demands on your God-given gifts, skills and assignments because therein lies your life's joy.

This is far beyond being famous and known but contributive to your world by the dogged commitment to developing and maximising of your God-given gifts. The greatest works in the world will be done by people who don’t care who gets credit. You shouldn't want to be famous, you should just want to be faithful. You shouldn't want to be well-known, You should want to be well-used. You shouldn't don’t want to be powerful, You should want to be potent.

Success requires striking out on new paths instead of traveling those that are well-worn. Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. There are many people with great ideas, but they have no desire to try. There are four steps to the accomplishment of your dream: Prepare prayerfully. Plan purposefully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently. Failure is the path of least persistence.

Pursue with Persistence!

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