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City Lights

"The labour of fools wearies them because they do not know how to get into the city" - Ecclesiastes 10:15

Fools are not fools because they lack hard work; they are fools because they lack focused work. The scripture says every work that a fool does is burdensome because it has no focus or objective. He works long hours and returns home uninspired because his work leads him nowhere closer to the city.

Knowing what to do and how to do it are two separate concepts. The fool knows what he wants but lacks the hows of his wants. We have been taught for many years that vision is all we need to avoid perishing and we have become fools that are laden with vision but void of skill or know-how. Any drunk can have a dream but it takes discipline to acquire the know-how to actualise the dreams. Wishful thinking or even detailed documentation of the dream leads to no-where; it is the diligent commitment to skill acquisition that empowers any man to get into the city-spaces of life.

Joseph was a dreamer from his teenage years but dreaming was not sufficient to occupy the seats in the city. He needed some skill acquisition and character development to qualify for his dream. It is essential to understand that just because you dreamed a dream does not mean you are qualified to inherit it; a dream is a potential possession waiting for your skill set to catchup with it. It is a challenge on your current skill set and character depth to step up to the opportunity to inherit it.

Joseph embraced the pit and the prison as skill set and character building tools to qualify him for his dream. It would have been foolish to work on his dream and not on the hows of his dream. The hows of every dream is the studious commitment to skill acquisition and character development that qualifies the dreamer for access into the city.

Jesus sent his disciples into a town to locate a donkey (Mark 11:4) that the bible describes was tied where two roads meet i.e in a place of indecision. Getting into the city requires an unreserved and irreversible decision to discover what it takes (skills) to get into the city and the character required to maintain the city-status.

My prayer for you today is that you will cease from foolish labour, you will get off your dream bed and into the study room to qualify yourself for your dream. Amen

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