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Greater Love

Love is more than a word thrown around on date nights and wedding days; its not valid outside of demonstration. It is a demonstrative word that has its very meaning in activity not just confession. We have failed her by limiting her definition to some lofty poetic confession associated with some expected butterflies and goosebumps. Love is a demonstrative word.

God defined love by telling that it was the cause that led to His giving of Jesus Christ His only son (John 3:16); so also, we can not confess love with our lips but demonstrate love with our acts. A closer look at the words of Jesus in an intimate discourse with His followers sheds even more light on what Love is. He claimed that the greatest demonstration of love was that one laid down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)

Friends are those that are fully aware of your life-vision and commitments; not just a bunch of followers on social media or social drinkers at the local clubs and annual parties/events. Friends are those that are fully informed on what you are doing with your life-time; it is for this group of people that Jesus says love expresses itself in its greatest form. Who are your friends?

Jesus was teaching that love looks beyond the personal to the collective; love has to be shared almost sacrificially for the wider benefit/good of the collective of friends. These words teach that the commandment to love begins by a full acquaintance with one's life-goals, a prayerful selection of friends with whom these goals are shared, and a commitment to sacrificial living that might end up with someone other than yourself being the final beneficiary of the vision.

How far-reaching is your vision? How prepared are you to lay down your self-gains for the benefit of others? Jesus taught that this is the greatest demonstration of love.

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