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Prove Yourself

How often do we make claim on an idea or gifting and never really think much of what that means or in fact what responsibilities that places on us. In one of his letters to his gifted and anointed prodigy, Paul admonishes Timothy (as he does us) that he needs to make a full proof of his calling (2Timothy 4:5). The interesting thing about that instruction is that Paul never questions the calling of the young man nor does He seek to point him to the caller; asking for their support in this cause. No! He places the entire responsibility to proving what Timothy had received - a calling, a gifting, a ministry - yes, on him and him alone. Timothy was to prove what he had.

Laziness shifts the responsibility of becoming to the one who called us. Yes we are told that we are chosen and called of God but the responsibility to prove these facts is on us. The tragedy here is that many know they've been called and gifted of God but may never prove this to be true; neither to themselves nor the waiting world.

There needs to be some evidences, some proofs that you are called. There needs to be some demonstrable proofs that you have identified your purpose in life - your calling. The idea of 'proving yourself' carries within itself the promise that there will be challenges directed at your life to question who you are. It is inevitable that the devil and his supporters will show up in their various forms (as they did with Jesus) to ask "if thou be....then do this" in other words, everything that comes your way is asking questions of who you say or claim you are. So you say you're a Christian? Prove yourself! What are the proofs in your character and attitudes to the poor? What are your attitudes towards the lost? What are our attitudes towards the sick and crippled? You say you're a Christian? Well, let's review your closet and see if the cross has some shared occupancies with pornography - prove yourself!

Paul extended his challenge to the Ephesian church (as he does us) by saying they should "walk worthy of the vocation wherein they've been called" (Ephesians 4:1). Let your conduct match your calling - this is the proof of your calling. This message extends to many who claim that they have received a God-given vision; well let your steps be proof of that vision. You claim you have a vision to establish a great enterprise; well let the proof be demonstrable...prove yourself.

Friends, to be called and not have proofs is the story told by a lazy individual who has shifted all the responsibility of the call on the caller - prove yourself; but let your proving be for your caller and indeed yourself as a witness to the waiting world.

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