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In one of the books of John, he makes a statement almost in passing that if we fail to take a closer look, we just might miss a life-guiding principle that is so critical for justified optimism. He says "If they had belonged to us then they would not have left us but the fact that they left is proof that they were not for us" - 1 John 2:19

What this points to is the fact that everything and everyone we will ever need is present with us right now. We need to spend less time whining about what we lost, the relationships we have had to let go, the jobs we might have lost in transition and all other losses along the way! John says that those things would never have been lost or gone if they were really for us. Before you stick your fingers out, read between the lines for some more insight...sure there are somethings and people that you would have managed better and maybe they would still be here if you were in good shape but the point is that they are gone and God is making the point to you that what He will use for your next phase is not in your past but is very present with you now!

I was meditating on the story of the blind man in Luke 18, the bible says he was blind and for his blindness had begged for a significant amount of time that he was known for begging. He was so handicapped by what he had lost that one day he realized that most was lost but some was still left-over. The bible says "he heard that Jesus was passing by". He might have lost his sight but he remembered what he still had left-over; he had his ears. Even when the self-righteous crowd tried to shut him down, he also remembered his voice; the bible says he cried out the more! When he located what he had left-over; his ears and his mouth, he propelled himself into the right position for his miracle.

Friend, God will use what you have left to give you more than what you lost. After the feeding of the five thousand men in the wilderness, Jesus instructed the disciples to "gather what was left over" because the miracle is in what is left over. Do not be afraid to loose things and people along the way but never ever forget what you have left-over; because your future is in the left-overs...your miracle is in what you have left - use it!

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