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It's in the seed

Did you ever notice that the bible describes prayer as a tool that makes tremendous power available? When James makes this statement (James 5:16), he was pointing to the fact that prayer does not replace the need for work as it should not produce lazy followers of Jesus. What this means is that prayer or what we simply call a communication with God reassures us that we can do what we seek guidance for. Sure there is room for miraculous interventions from God but even with that, we are required to have some imaginations and thoughts with which He would act (Ephesians 3:20).

We need to be bold enough to think a new thought; we need to become more imaginative in our desires and ambitions because these set the bar for God to surpass - the miraculous. To think a new thought or develop imaginative solutions is not cheap work but hard work. The hardest work in life is the production of the seed. If we view the seed as the essence of the tree i.e after the tree has gone through it's cycles of life - the pains and the bruises, the seasons filled with a mixture of rain and sunshine, hell and high water, it's end-product is the seed. The seed is all that it has learned and produced in life encapsulated in hard-casing.

God spoke to Abraham once in a promise; He said "unto you and your seed will i give the land" (Genesis 13:15) which simply meant that the world belongs to those who can develop some strong ideas and concepts from their experiences in life. Ideas that have life even from close-to-death experiences. If after all you've been through, you are unable to produce some seed, your life experiences could be a waste. Worse still, if you fail to do something with your seed, your seed abides alone.

Jesus put it this way "unless your seed falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone but if it is buried into the soil, it brings forth much more" (John 12:24). So, here it is; it is all in the seed and in it being sown into the soil. Men are made of soil and God's purpose is that we develop some seed from our life experiences and sow these life-ideas and imaginations; these seeds into others and work with them otherwise, our ideas and imaginations will never be surpassed by God - God multiplies our ideas through people and organisations external to ourselves but we need to 'sow or share' our ideas with them.

Jesus sowed His seed into twelve "soil" and assured that they would surpass all that He ever did - what an illustration! It all happens in three steps - ensure your life's experiences are developing some seeds, talk to God about them, sow them in others (the right ones) multiplies, it becomes more!

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