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God in You

There is a mystery that has been hidden from all generations i.e it has not been known by experience until now. The Scriptures say that God had hidden this experience from the prophets of old but decided to make it known to us today (Colossians 1:24-27). The mystery is this - that Christ is in you! Paul said this is the hope or expectation that God has for His glory on earth i.e. if we really knew this fact, we would be a glorious existence on earth. How can Christ in ALL His glory be in you and you be hidden under a bushel or buried in shame or low self-esteem. You are embodiment of all that God hopes for on earth!

I have said before that what is impressive is not how much faith we have in God but how much faith God has in us. He places Jesus in us and trusts that this glorious being - Christ be made manifest in earth. Now that is faith - God in You! We might have become so great experts in believing in God that we have no sense of belief in ourselves; not in our capacities or abilities but the God in us. God resides in us; He is not external to our existence. He is right within us waiting for us to open the gates of our inner life to the needful world.

Paul puts it this way in Ephesians 1:18; "I pray that your eyes will be open to know that God has called you with a hope; and that the hope is that He is able to inherit great riches from what He has placed in you" (Paraphrased). Did you see that? God is hoping to inherit something from what He has placed in you; He has placed Himself in you - God in you! This is the hope that He has.

I strongly believe that if we would just step out of our comfort zone that shifts all the responsibility to the heavens and begin

to look into ourselves; opening up ourselves as carriers of the solution, we will have glorious experiences. Peter and John said to the man at the beautiful gate in Acts 3 "such as i have i give to you"; i mean this was not a cry to heaven but a pull from within i.e i have it and i give it to you with a touch of heaven on earth - residing in me.

God is in You!

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