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In the book of Romans (3:27), Paul explains that there are certain laws that are at work in life and we do nothing to create these laws but learn of them and tap into them for our benefit. For example, the law of gravity is always present whether we believe it or not; everyday we tap into this law when we walk from place to place because gravity keeps our feet on the ground as it also ensures that an apple drops from the tree to the ground.

In the text, Paul introduces an idea of faith being a law; always present and potent but only to those that tap into it. As with every law, when we break the law of faith, we are imprisoned or in other words, incapacitated in life to have free access to what other free citizens have. So it is with God, His children are to have free access to His blessings and provisions (3John2 for example) but once the law (of faith) is broken, though citizens, many of His children are incapacitated in life.

In the book of Ephesians (3:20), Paul begins to express this idea a little further when he reminds us that God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above everything that we can ever ask or think of Him but that His supply is controlled by the power that is at work in us. Yes, God has great plans of provision and supply for our every need but His delivery of these plans is controlled or mediated by a power that is at work in us.

What power is at work in you? God will not supply to you if the power at work in your life is doubt or laziness or sin. Now if the power at work in you is faith then great but even that needs to be increased because we know that faith comes (or increases) by hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17).

So you can grow your faith and if it grows, the more of that you have, the more of His supplies you receive.

As a citizen of God's kingdom, you must have the right power in you to receive all that God has for you otherwise you become incapacitated by breaking (or not participating) in the ever potent law of faith. What power is at work in you?

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