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It is said that the moon (as beautiful as it is when viewed from earth) has no real light of itself; it is a simple reflector of the light of the sun with approximately 12% of the sunlight reflected by the moon at any point in time. It is remarkable that the light we enjoy at night is simply a reflection or from the perspective of the sun, a shared light!

The principle of sharing is of such importance in life that we teach our children very early in their development to resist the almost natural tendency to withhold what we have from the benefiting of others. Well, Jesus taught a simple lesson in the book of Luke (8:16) that no-one lights a candle and hides it under a bed or covers it with a vessel but puts it on a platform that everyone can see by it. He later completed this lesson by saying he that has this mentality of sharing what he has will receive even more but he that is devoid of this mentality will loose even that which he has. Sandwiched between these two lessons, Jesus advised His followers (as He does us) to be careful how they hear! How they what? How they receive knowledge (light).

The story was of a man that lit a candle i.e he lit the candle himself. Perhaps the reluctance or temptation to not share what he had discovered was because he invested in the discovery of light more so than any waiting beneficiary. It is likely to be close to the truth that we are often reluctant to share what we have labored for that we almost get some gratification from savoring our discovery in solitude. Well, Jesus wasn't too concerned about who discovered the light or who made the most investment for it's discovery; He was focused on sharing what was discovered. You might be the only one in your family that has a college degree or some substantial financial capacities; and rightly so due to the investments you have made in your studies and career development but, this gives you no right to deprive those that need to "see" from your light, the benefits of your accomplishments. If you do, you are on the way to loosing everything you ever discovered/attained - Jesus taught that. Remember that you have nothing that wasn't given to you (1Cor.4:7).

Through some lenses we see that the appetite for disconnecting from the needs of others is destroyed by the lesson because if you happen to have the solution (light) to a seen problem and refuse to share with those that "dwell in darkness" concerning that matter; particularly if this "darkness" is destroying their life-experience, Jesus teaches that you share (with wisdom) the solution (light) you have. Hiding solutions from a person in need is not only wickedness but breeds the propensity of pride; watching from a distance, enjoying superiority for a moment (no matter how small that is) over the individuals in need.

Be careful therefore, how you hear, how you seek knowledge (light) because with that discovery, is the added responsibility to share with those in need; those behind you in the journey. This is the way to being more.

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