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Be You

The sparkle of a diamond is not the reason for its price. It is the rarity of the jewel that justifies its price. The easier it is to find, the cheaper it is.

It is incredible to observe that amongst the billions of people alive today – and the countless more that have lived, there is no one that has an exact DNA print as you have nor are two fingerprints identical copies of the other.

God ensured that every single person created was created to be unique. There is and will never be another person like you. This is by design; because you – yes you – have something specially packaged into your uniqueness. There was some need that God needed to solve that prompted Him to create you.

Most actors and actresses are paid millions of dollars to be someone else on the screen and many times loose themselves in these roles with a resulting void that money, drugs, sex or fame will never fill. It is a great tragedy because God never intended for them to be anyone else and when you start getting paid and/or receive accolades for being someone else you very quickly arrive at nowhere and not even know it.

God built value into your life such that you do not have to be anybody else but your best self. We are too often educated out of being ourselves and this always leads to a frustrated life. Often times you get a glimpse of who you are and “give people a piece of your mind” but very quickly retrieve your neck like a turtle into its shell.

You owe it to yourself to be you. You are not here to be liked or applauded; you are here to satisfy the original need you were designed to solve. It is only in the discovery and pursuit of you that you will be satisfied in life.

Self-discovery is nowhere else than in the meeting with God revealed in His son Jesus Christ[1] as detailed in the Holy Bible[2].


[1] Matthew 11:28 (The Holy Bible)

[2] Psalm 139:16 (The Holy Bible)

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