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Be Fruitful

Mark 11 details an encounter with a fig tree by Jesus that introduces a life-transforming revelation that i have struggled for years to understand. Because why would Jesus curse a fig tree for not having fruits when the time for fruiting was not yet. I mean He created the seasons and put them in motion so why would He curse a tree that was simply aligned with the seasons in-place & aligned with the patterns of seed-time and harvest?

Friends, there are no seasons in Heaven. Every now and again God calls on the Spiritual seeds within you to over-ride the natural systems. In the book of Amos (9:13), we see that the prophet saw (by divine insight) the days where the harvest days overtook the sowing days which speaks of a disruption of natural events. It takes Spiritual insight to know that though we live in this world, we are not subject to the systems of this world - no matter how good and orderly they appear.

There comes a time in one's life when he must over-ride the natural order of things. Jesus spoke to a Samaritan woman (John 4) at Jacob's well and her response was such as "this conversation is not allowed based on tradition" and Jesus acknowledged the tradition but said "if you knew who it was that was asking of you" you would ignore tradition and partake of an over-ruling power and authority.

Jesus was the one that put the fruit in the fig tree. He created the tree so he knows what is possible with it. It will be wickedness to command a tree to produce when it was not programmed to produce. Friends, in every created thing, there is a spiritual seed that responds to the command of Jesus.

We can not - for the sake of natural compliance - prevent ourselves from fruiting just because the natural order suggests otherwise. There comes a time when the cripple man jumps out of his chair; and when a dumb man unravels his tongue to speak. This moment to do the apparently unnatural is at the command of Jesus. Be instant "in season and out of season" (2Tim.4:2); i mean, these are God-spoken words that are reaching to the spiritual seed within for a supernatural manifestation.

Friends, if you knew who it was that was asking you to be fruitful when it appears not to be in alignment with what your surrounding conditions suggest or prescribe, you will spring forth and begin budding. I challenge you to speak to that tree in your life that has delayed fruiting - command it in the name of Jesus to begin fruiting now. Now in the name of Jesus!

Glory to God!

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